cuOctober Art Exhibit
The College on the Hill
Celebrating Caldwell University’s 75th Anniversary

During the month of October, Caldwell Public Library’s Gene Collerd Resource Room will feature
a display of 15 photos, letters, maps, newspaper articles and other materials which
document the history of the establishment of “The Caldwell College for Women” in August 1939.
The exhibit offers a detailed handout about each item displayed. Download handout.collegeonthehillexhibit2014 Many thanks to Beth Kornstein and Rebecca Driscoll of Caldwell University for sharing this important exhibit.



ccdisplayCaldwell Public Library ‘s display case features early Caldwell College photos,
from the Library’s local history archives. Lynn Hotz and Jessica Stauffer of Caldwell Public Library
have also created an online exhibit Caldwell College photos from the 1930s to the present.
Click to access the Caldwell University 75th Anniversary Exhibit.