December  Art Exhibit
The Monomonock Inn


omeka-net_10969_archive_fullsize_2bbc3d948189fa2e8ca7fecf761cb8d6Stop in to explore our exhibit of photographs and documents
tracing the history of this famous local institution.

Also peruse our online exhibit about The Monomonock Inn.
The Monomonock Inn was an elegant resort that spanned the triangle between Bloomfield Avenue, Academy Road and Prospect Street at the beginning of the twentieth century.
By far the largest of the many local hotels that catered to summer visitors in those days,
the “Inn on the heights” could accommodate 150 guests. It had its own farm, a nine-hole golf course, tennis courts, formal gardens, a livery stable, garage, and extensive lawns.
The Inn was demolished in 1940 as the country was gearing up for World War II.
The Mary Ann Apartments that were built on the site housed people who had moved to the area to work at the Curtiss-Wright aircraft plant which had expanded their production to support the war effort.