Restriction of a child’s access to the Internet and all computer-related activities is the responsibility of the child’s parent/guardian.
The library provides full Internet access and does not limit or filter out information.
Parents are ultimately responsible for children’s access on Internet stations (some content is of a mature nature).
Unattended children are responsible for their actions in the library.

Parents/Guardians will be held responsible if their child violates the computer policy.
The library does not monitor, nor does it have control over, the information found through the Internet
and is not responsible for its content, timeliness, or accuracy.

Neither the Caldwell Public Library Board of Trustees, nor the library staff, nor the Borough of Caldwell
is liable for any negative consequences that may occur as a result of using the library’s Internet access.
The library is not responsible for damage to a patron’s disk or personal computer, or for any loss of data,
damage or liability that may occur from use of the library’s computers or computer software.

Viewing of certain materials in the public library may be considered improper in time, place or manner.
The library staff reserves the right to end any Internet session deemed by the staff as inappropriate within the public environment.