The Eleanor Shenuski Scholarship was established by Carol Shenuski, once a long-time member and President of the Caldwell Library Board of Trustees, in honor of her mother. The Caldwell Public Library Foundation continues to provide the $1,000 award to a graduating senior who has actively volunteered or worked at the Caldwell Library for at least two years, while maintaining at least a 3.0 GPA.

Your support of the Caldwell Public Library Foundation makes this scholarship possible.

Past winners of the Eleanor Shenuski Scholarship:

2002 White, Stephanie
2003 Mathieson, Doug
2004 Rock, Joelle
2006 Coticchio, Ashley
2007 Ruesch, Christopher
Ruesch, Gregory
2008 Mathieson, Genna
2009 Maxwell, Gillian
2010 Flack, Keeley
2012 Pappas, Jennifer
2013 Eller, Julie
2015 DePalma, Sophia
Kragiel, Julia
2016 King, Zoe
2017 Horowitz, Lynn
2018 Lombardi, Joseph
2019 LaChac, Nathasha

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