Public Speaking Workshops
Saturday November 16th and November 23rd at 11:00 a.m. 

Led by Maureen Corbeski and Mallory Jones, the goal of this workshop series is to offer participants effective strategies, techniques and insights to enhance their communication skills. Use your body, voice and message to increase stage presence, build confidence, and achieve success. Participants will engage in one-on-one and group exercises. At the end of this two part workshop, each participant will have an opportunity to create (or revise) an elevator pitch, personal statement etc. that can be used during interviews or networking events. This workshop is free, seating is limited. For reservations call 973-226-2837.


Stuffed Animal Sleepover Storytime
Wednesday, December 11th at 6:00 p.m.

Children and their stuffed animal friends are invited to visit the library for a before bed storytime program. Every stuffed animal who attends the program is also invited to stay at the library overnight, with their child's permission of course! Children can pick their stuffed animal (or doll) up the next morning! We'll be sure to take pictures of all the fun the stuffed animals and dolls have over night too! Best for ages 3-6, but all welcome. Event takes place on Wednesday December 11th at 6:00pm.

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