Teen Action Committee: Monthly Book Recommendations

July 2019:  Picked by Carina

They Cage the Animals by Jennings Michael Burch


Are you looking for a book that will make you sob your eyes out until you have no tears left to cry? A book that makes you hold your loved ones a little closer? Well look no further than They Cage the Animals at Night, an autobiography written by Jennings Michael Burch. Burch tells his own personal story of growing up through the foster systems of America, and the struggles of never having a stable home. A story about never knowing if his mother will come back for him, and the several causes of his broken and aching heart. The reflection is beautifully written, and truly succeeds in drawing the reader in, and feeling each scar that Burch received, both physically and mentally. It reminds the audience never to take family for granted, and always remain strong no matter what may happen. - Carina Whiting

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