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Activity Dice Project

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

This one is pretty easy to create but it can be used for weeks or even months after you make it. If you’ve been to my storytimes you probably noticed me use a couple of these during programs.  

What You’ll Need and What To Do:

  • An empty square tissue box, paper, crayons, glue or tape, scissors

  • Think of 6 different activities, games, or songs that your child likes or that you think they’ll want to try. These can be as broad (Sing a Song, Color) or as specific (The Wheels on the Bus, the Hokey Pokey, Play Hide and Seek) as you want them to be.

  • Wrap the tissue box in paper.

  • Write or draw a different activity on each side of the dice. You can also print out images to represent the activity. Since Rhys is only 2, we decided to print images to represent the activities.

  • Your child can help choose the activities and create the dice. 

  • To use, have your child toss the dice and do the activity it lands on.

  • Toddlers will probably just have fun decorating the box and tossing it.

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