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Mission Statement:


The Caldwell Public Library’s mission is to provide our diverse community with a wide array of literary, cultural, historical, educational and social resources through personal service and innovative programs utilizing a range of learning technologies in a welcoming environment.



Vision Statement:


The Caldwell Public Library will be a welcoming community space creating opportunities for all to participate, connect with others, and discover their passions by offering traditional and innovative library services. 



Core Values: 


We believe in:


-Exceptional library service: We are known for our friendliness and willingness to help with any request. We know our community and personalize the library experience.


-Accessibility: We are free and open to all. Everyone is welcome and treated with respect.


-Passion: We love the library. We love Caldwell. We love what we do.


-Partnerships: Our cooperative relationships with Borough departments, local schools, community organizations, businesses, and other libraries strengthen our services and make the most effective use of tax dollars.


-Lifelong learning: We believe that learning is not confined to the classroom. We will support the ongoing pursuit of knowledge and experience.  


-Preservation of the human record of Caldwell, NJ: We are a repository for local history information. It is our duty to preserve these materials and make them available to the general public.



Agreed to by board and committee at the January 21, 2016 Board of Trustees meeting.

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