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Talking about food with nice people is a great joy in life.

Join our virtual Cook Book Club by emailing us at for the Zoom link.


Next meeting is on March 4th at 7 pm. The discussion will be on


Join in on Wednesdays at 2 p.m. to learn from experts in Rutgers Department of Family & Community Health Sciences, Rutgers Cooperative Extension. All sessions are free, will last approximately 45 minutes, and will be provided via Zoom.

For more information on each week's session, registration links, and to view their extensive library of wellness and healthy eating webinars, visit them HERE.

Women Who Make A Difference in Politics

March 15 @ 7 pm 

For the last two hundred years, women like Elizabeth Cady Stanton to Vice President Kamala Harris and Stacey Abrams, have broken barriers and fought for the vote. Women in law, such as Ruth Bader Ginsberg changed the equation and the minds of men on many important cases that resonate across the land. Women have that particular combination of intelligence, empathy and strength: they fight for social justice, they contribute to science and pave the way for a kinder, gentler nation.


Join us for a Zoom event with educator, social justice non-profit professional, author and political blogger, Lois Larkey, to learn more about these and other women who have  made a difference.

Email to register.

Email to register.

Women Of the Supreme Court

March 19th @ 7 pm 

The Women's Club of Caldwell in cooperation with Caldwell and West Caldwell Libraries are hosting  this community wide Zoom event.

It took 191 years after the founding of the Supreme Court for the first woman to be allowed to become part of that august body.

Join Trish Chambers Productions in a fascinating introduction to the first four female jurists. Meet Sandra Day O'Connor, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. Learn how their unique personality and determination enabled them to break the glass ceiling to take their place in history, as they vote to clarify the intentions of the founding fathers regarding the United States Constitution.

To register, email


To Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 883 6647 1619

Passcode: 023883

Intro to Intuitive Eating

March 24 @ 7 pm 

What if there was another way to look at food and our bodies?

What if eating didn't have to be strict and  stressful?


Intuitive Eating is a buzzword that has gotten popular recently as the antidote to dieting & a way to think about food and our bodies that focuses on how we feel and rejects the  rules that keep us guilty and stressed.


This event will introduce and explain how to understand diet culture and intuitive eating and will provide practical ways to start exploring your relationship with food and your body.


Rachel Larkey, MS, RD, CDN, CLC is a New York-based registered dietitian and certified Intuitive Eating counselor.

To register, email

We are accepting submissions for our Virtual Pop-up Art shows for 2021.  Interested artists  should send around 3-7 jpeg photos of your artwork, a short bio and artist statement and a link to a website if you have one. Young artists welcome to submit as well. Submissions and questions to be sent to subject line Virtual Art .

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