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Eleanor Shenuski Scholarship

The Eleanor Shenuski Scholarship was established by Carol Shenuski, once a long-time member and President of the Caldwell Library Board of Trustees, in honor of her mother. The Caldwell Public Library Foundation continues to provide the $1,000 award to a graduating senior who has actively volunteered or worked at the Caldwell Library for at least two years, while maintaining at least a 3.0 GPA.

Your support of the Caldwell Public Library Foundation makes this scholarship possible.

Past winners of the Eleanor Shenuski Scholarship:

2002 White, Stephanie
2003 Mathieson, Doug
2004 Rock, Joelle
2006 Coticchio, Ashley
2007 Ruesch, Christopher & Ruesch, Gregory
2008 Mathieson, Genna
2009 Maxwell, Gillian
2010 Flack, Keeley
2012 Pappas, Jennifer
2013 Eller, Julie
2015 DePalma, Sophia & Kragiel, Julia
2016 King, Zoe
2017 Horowitz, Lynn
2018 Lombardi, Joseph
2019 LaChac, Nathasha

2020 Zhang, Susan

2021 Whiting, Carina

2022 Whetton, David & Zhang, Eric

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