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Carefully... with limited services for your safety

Updated February 8, 2021

Policies & Procedures


Caldwell Public Library

Policy and Procedures in Compliance with Executive Order #157



Our goal is to expand how we are able to serve the community, prioritizing essential services within the library. At this time, we are operating in a very limited capacity and can not offer space to do work or sit and read. Services are limited to computer use, printer/scanner use, and browsing for materials.




  • A mask must be worn properly (covering nose and mouth) at all times while in the library for all patrons ages 2 and up. If you are unable to wear a mask, we will do our best to help you remotely.

  • Social distancing must be followed with people keeping 6 feet between them and others at all times. (Please note: this may limit how staff is able to help patrons with computer and other technology problems.)

  • At the discretion of the staff based upon available space, strollers may need to be kept outside the building.

  • Reservations are highly recommended for computer usage Reservations may be made up to 3 business days in advance. Sessions will be limited to one 30-minute slot per day with an option to extend the time if there is no-one waiting for the next slot. Patrons who fail to appear for their reserved sessions on two consecutive occasions will be barred from reserving computer times for one week, however, these patrons may drop in and use the computers if they are free.

  • The meeting room is closed to the public during this time.

  • Browsing is limited to 15 minutes if there are people waiting to enter the library, but no more than 30 minutes.

  • Children under the age of 12 will need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian or responsible caretaker.

  • Total capacity will be limited based on the library's ability to safely distance patrons and staff and also current recommendations from local and state government and the CDC. Currently, NJ Libraries are capped at 25% capacity, which is four (4) people per floor browsing and one (1) person per floor on the computers.


What You Can Expect:


  • Due to a limited number of people that can be safely allowed in the library during this time, the library may need to temporarily lock doors to limit the flow of traffic.

  • Patrons are expected to follow floor patterns and markings for safe browsing, social distancing, and flow of traffic.

  • Magazines will be available to be checked out by request. A staff remember will retrieve them for you. Certain issues may take a few days to be ready due to a backlog in processing. 

  • Newspapers are currently unavailable, but the staff will make an effort to provide patrons with a printout or digital file of a requested article.

  • Inter-library loans and delivery service within PALS Plus is reactivated as of 10/19/20, although it is expected to take several weeks to be up and running smoothly due to an extensive backlog.

  • Essex County Reciprocal Borrowing (ReBL) is available, but not all participating libraries are open or able to welcome Caldwell Library card holders at this time. It is recommended to call the library in advance to confirm hours and whether they will accept ReBL borrowing.

  • Contactless "Curbside" Pick-Up is still highly recommended for materials pick-up.

  • All staff will be adhering to social distancing, wearing masks, regularly disinfecting surfaces, and other measures as needed to ensure a safe and healthy environment in the library.


Approved by the Library Board of Trustees July 15, 2020

Updated 12/28/20