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Book Drop Information

To help us serve you safely and efficiently, please observe the following:

  • If books do not fit in the book drop, please hold on to them and return them at another time.
  • Returned items will remained on your account until they have been properly quarantined.
  • Late fines will be waived through July 31st.
  • No donations accepted at this time. Please do not put donations in the book drop.
Quarantine & Safety Procedures

Caldwell Public Library - Phase 1: Accepting returns through the Book Drop


The goal of this phase is to start the process for bringing our materials back into the library, check them in, and quarantine them so that when ready, we can start to circulate them out, as safely as possible. Your health and safety are our number one priority.


COVID-19 is less likely to transmit through materials. It is primarily spread through close contact from person to person.


  • Our programming room on the main floor will be used to quarantine our materials. It is our largest, most open space.

  • Staff will be wearing a mask the whole time they are handling materials and in the library.

  • At this time, only one staff member will be emptying the Book Drop and handling materials per day. All staff emptying the Book Drop are in good health and have volunteered to handle this task.  

  • Staff members will use clean bags to carry out the materials from the Book Drop. All surfaces will be wiped down.

  • Materials will be kept separated by the day they are gathered from the drop and left to sit for a minimum of 72 hours. The materials will still appear on your account, but fines are waived through July 31st.

  • After the quarantining period, books will be checked in and returned to the shelf.

  • Staff will regularly be washing hands and employing best practices.

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